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    New Program Additions:
    • Signature Capture
      You can now have people sign documents and shelter forms online from any device - computer/laptop, tablet, or phone! These signatures are saved with each form and will be displayed any time the form is shown. You can also create signature packets for merge documents in the AT A GLANCE section of the Animal Details area, where multiple documents can be merged and include a signature at the end of the text.
    • Automated Nightly License Renewal E-Mails
      ShelterTrack now has the ability to automatically e-mail all due license renewal documents on a nightly basis! To turn this feature on, go to System Administration > System Settings and Preferences > Animals and Licensing.
    • CLEAN, SIMPLE, AND RESPONSIVE Public Web Site Template
      This modern template can be applied to your public Web site to provide a cleaner, simpler interface on every device (computers, tablets, phones) for your public visitors. Below are some screen shots that show you what it looks like. To apply this template, go to Public Web Site > Web Page Templates.
    Public screen shots